Iodine Deficiency More Common That Thought

Volume 7    |    Issue 34

If your memory isn't what it used to be, it might not be dementia. In fact, it's very possible many cases of memory loss aren't dementia at all. What's more, if you ask most doctors, they'll tell you there's no cure for dementia. But is it possible they're treating the wrong problem?

In case you haven't noticed, the number of dementia and Alzheimer's cases has grown to epidemic levels in recent years. There are expensive drugs used to slow the progression down. But they don't cure the problem. And you may have tried all sorts of nutrients to boost your mental function. If those nutrients haven't helped, it's possible, maybe even likely, that your memory struggles aren't dementia.

Instead, it could be due to a very common mineral deficiency.

The deficiency is so common that just about everyone has it. Many alternative doctors have stopped testing blood levels in their patients because they all come back low. The assumption now is that everyone has this deficiency. And a recent study out of Israel confirms this.

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In this study, researchers wanted to find out the iodine levels of school-aged children and pregnant women. Iodine is critical for a proper functioning thyroid. That's because the body uses iodine to make thyroid hormones. You probably know that these thyroid hormones control the body's metabolism. But the hormones are also vital for proper bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy. So the iodine levels of children and pregnant women will show the future brain and bone development of these children.

Amazingly, the study found that 62% of the school-age children and 85% of the pregnant women have low iodine levels. While this study was done in Israel, other studies show its results are similar to other developed countries. This is troubling. If children and young pregnant women are low in iodine, imagine the likelihood of people over the age of 40 being deficient. It's probably closer to 100%, which is what alternative doctors have known for years.

And if your iodine levels are low, it's very possible your thyroid isn't working optimally. That means you may have low energy, your metabolism is drooping, your weight is going up, your brain fog is increasing, and your mind isn't sharp. I always suggest people start by taking iodine before moving on to other thyroid medications. Oftentimes, the iodine will kick start the thyroid and the symptoms will disappear.

If you have dementia or Alzheimer's symptoms, iodine can help in many cases. It may not cure your illness, as the damage might be done. But it often helps when nothing else does. Long-term iodine deficiency also can lead to Parkinson's disease and glaucoma. So it's one mineral you don't want to be deficient. Fortunately, iodine is easy to find. The best supplement form is called Iodoral, which is now available through Advanced Bionutritionals. Just follow this link for more information and to order.

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