Treatment Using Platelets Heals Tissue Up to 70% Faster

Volume 7    |    Issue 40

What do joint pain, back pain, and even shoulder pain have to do with wisdom teeth? The answer, as you're about to discover, could be where you experience a healing miracle.

Thirty years ago, my orthodontist told me to have my wisdom teeth removed. I balked. I've never seen any reason to remove perfectly good teeth just because they might get infected. I'm sure glad I waited. Here's why.

Everyone who has their wisdom teeth removed knows how painful it is. I've heard horror stories of dentists climbing on top of their sleeping patients in order to pull the teeth. It's not an easy procedure (though not always that hard) — and it's almost always extremely painful. In addition to the pain, it creates enormous inflammation — the famous chipmunk cheeks. And you usually can't eat solids for several days to a week after the procedure.

Well, what if I told you there was a way to reduce the pain, the inflammation, and the healing time all by at least 70%? Would you be interested?

That's where this story gets amazing. In the last decade, doctors have discovered a healing technique that uses your own blood platelets to heal your body. And I recently experienced this technique.

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You see, my orthodontist was right. My wisdom teeth did get infected. It was not a fun experience. So they had to come out. Yes, ozone could have treated the infection. Maybe even helped me save the teeth. But in many cases, they still have to come out. Well, I finally decided to have them out.

When I went in for the procedure, my oral surgeon took some of my blood. He took these samples and spun them in a specially designed centrifuge that separates the platelets out of the blood. Then, after he removed my teeth, he packed the sockets with these platelets. Here's what was amazing.

I walked out of the surgeon's office in almost no pain. I never had the chipmunk cheeks. And I was eating solid food by that night. No one knew my wisdom teeth were just pulled unless I told them. I was back at work the next morning. And I didn't have the massive empty holes in my gums that so many people experience after having their wisdom teeth removed.

What was interesting was that I had heard of this procedure prior to having my teeth pulled. It's called PRP, which stands for platelet-rich-plasma. Alternative doctors have been using it for a few years to treat joint and back pain. And it can work wonders for these treatments. The nutrient-rich platelets in your blood can heal your body's tissues when nothing else will work. It's an absolutely fantastic treatment that I highly recommend. In fact, a few weeks after I had my teeth out, I saw a friend of mine at church. He had the famous chipmunk cheeks and he looked miserable. He had his wisdom teeth removed too — four days earlier. And he still wasn't eating solid food. It was obvious his surgeon didn't use PRP. I felt terrible for him and wished he had talked to me first.

Don't put yourself through more pain than you have to. If you have joint pain, back pain, or need to have your wisdom teeth removed, find a doctor who uses PRP. Then tell me about your experience.

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