Gut Bacteria Can Predict Advanced Liver Disease

Volume 7    |    Issue 46

If you have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, you may not know it until you're well on your way to liver cancer or cirrhosis. Even then, it requires a painful biopsy to accurately diagnose the condition. But that's changing. And the way they're diagnosing the problem could give us a great way to prevent the disease in the first place.

Researchers are developing a test that can detect advanced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) with an 88-94% accuracy rate. That's impressive. To detect NAFLD earlier and more easily, these researchers have found that they can predict advanced NAFLD by looking at the unique microbial makeup of a patient's stool sample. In other words, your gut bacteria show just how healthy your liver is.

This obviously begs two important questions: Do your gut bacteria affect your liver's health? Or does your liver affect the health of your gut bacteria? I suspect the answer to both is yes.

With an estimated 100 million adults and children in the U.S. (about 30% of our population) suffering from NAFLD, finding an easy way to determine their gut and liver health is vital. This test will help with that. But there's an even easier way to determine whether you have NAFLD. All you have to do is look at your waistline. Some estimates suggest that up to 50% of obese people have NAFLD. If you're overweight, there's a good chance you have developed some fatty liver issues. It's also likely that you have some digestion issues as well.

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So how can you avoid NAFLD? Start with your diet. You have to eat lots of veggies, fruits, and other forms of fiber. These feed your gut bacteria and do so much more to detoxify your liver. If you're overweight, it's time to get serious about losing the extra pounds. But that's not all you can do.

Start taking nutrients that specifically help your liver. These include alpha lipoic acid, phosphatidylcholine, milk thistle, selenium, glycyrrhizin (from licorice), the medical mushroom royal agaricus, quercetin, and n-acetyl-l-cysteine. All of these support your liver and help to keep it healthy. They also specifically work to prevent fatty liver disease. You can find all of these nutrients in Advanced Liver Support.

And, of course, you need to do all you can to create a healthy gut environment. Eating the foods mentioned earlier will go a long way in doing so. But you also need to take a good probiotic, such as Advanced Probiotic Formula.

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