Importance of Amino Acids in the Treatment of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome

Volume 7    |    Issue 56

Do you struggle with arthritis, tendonitis, weight gain, organ problems, or depleted hormones? If so, you may have tried every treatment under the sun without any success. Well, there could be a common problem that can cause any of these issues — and many more. It's not something most doctors would consider when looking at your treatment. And you probably won't get relief until you correct this deficiency.

The problem is a lack of amino acids. As you may know, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. And 20% of the human body is made up of protein. It plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes in the body. If you don't have the building blocks for protein, your body just won't function right.

But there's more to amino acids. A large proportion of our cells, muscles, and tissue is made up of amino acids, meaning they carry out many important bodily functions, such as giving cells their structure. They also play a key role in the transport and the storage of nutrients. Amino acids influence the function of organs, glands, tendons, and arteries. They're essential for healing wounds and repairing tissue, especially in the muscles, bones, skin, and hair. And they're critical for removing all kinds of waste from the body.

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As you can see, you need adequate amino acids for your body to function. Unfortunately, most of us don't get enough. In fact, many studies show how important amino acids are for burning fat and metabolizing insulin and glucose. For instance, one study found that the amino acid leucine is critical for how your bones and muscles use glucose. Without it, glucose and insulin can wreak havoc on your skeletal system.

So if you're battling your weight, it could be a lack of amino acids. Taking an amino acid supplement like Perfect Amino (in tablets or powder) could be the key you're missing in dropping those extra pounds, especially when used in combination with a healthful diet and exercise.

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