Fried Egg Whites Lower Blood Pressure in Rats

Volume 7    |    Issue 57

It's no secret that if you want to eat a diet that's good for you, it won't contain many fried foods. But what if there were a food that you could eat fried and it would lower your blood pressure — would you be interested? I sure was.

I learned about this little secret back in 2013, when a study presented to the American Chemical Society (ACS) found this fried food is terrific for your blood pressure. In fact, they found out it works as well as low doses of the blood pressure medication Captopril. That's because this food and Captopril contain ACE inhibitors. These are enzymes that block a substance that increases blood pressure.

This is really important. As you may know, blood pressure medications can have serious side effects. But ACE inhibitors, in their natural form, can effectively lower your blood pressure without the side effects.

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And the more we learn about blood pressure, the more we need to eat foods that keep it low. One new study found that reducing your systolic blood pressure (the top number) below current recommendations (140 mm Hg) significantly reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and preventable death. Most doctors don't consider your blood pressure to be high unless the top number is over 140. But you really need to keep it at 120 or less.

Eating a healthful diet and taking the right supplements can help you do just that, regardless of your age.

So what is this fried food you can enjoy and help your blood pressure? It's fried eggs. Specifically, the study looked at egg whites. Turns out, frying your eggs makes them more effective at lowering blood pressure than boiling them. When you fry egg whites, it releases a peptide called RSVPSL that's one of the building blocks of protein. It also blocks ACE, which is why many drug companies use it in their blood pressure medications.

Eggs are a great addition to your diet. To me, they're the perfect protein food. They're low in calories and rich in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. Feel free to pan-fry them in olive oil or a little butter (not margarine or Crisco). And season them with spices or sea salt. And, if they don't lower your blood pressure enough, then take Circutol to lower it even further.

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245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), April 9, 2013.

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