Memory Loss and Other Cognitive Issues Linked to Blood Vessel Disease in the Brain

Volume 7    |    Issue 73

If you notice you're having trouble forming or remembering words, struggle with memory loss, or have any other symptoms of cognitive decline, it's time to take care of your blood vessels. 

That's what a new study suggests. But it's not just any blood vessel you need to take care of. This study found that small blood vessels in the brain become diseased and lead to memory issues. 

The study followed 331 volunteers from Atahualpa, Ecuador. All of them were at least 60 years old. The researchers gave each of the participants cognitive tests and brain MRIs. They used the MRIs to look for four main components of small vessel disease (SVD). These four components included evidence of microbleeds and minor strokes. Then the researchers added the participants' scores to create a total SVD score. The scores ranged from zero points (no SVD) to four points (severe SVD). 

The researchers found the following: 

* 61% of the subjects had zero points on the total SVD score
* 20% had 1 point
* 12% had 2 points
* 5% had 3 points
* 2% had 4 points

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Then the researchers compared these scores to the cognitive test results. They found the higher the SVD score, the greater the cognitive decline. What's more, each of the four components making up the SVD score also predicted cognitive decline. So any damage to small vessels in your brain will contribute to memory loss.

Small vessel disease is now considered a major cause of cognitive decline. And it gives us a great way to prevent dementia as well. All you have to do is take care of your blood vessels, especially your small blood vessels.

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