Blood Pressure Medication Fails to Completely Restore Vascular Function

If you're taking medication for high blood pressure, you probably know the drugs cause side effects. What you may not know, though, is that blood pressure medications have a dirty little secret.

Sure, they'll lower your blood pressure, but they do so by forcing your pressure lower. They don't actually fix the problem that caused the high blood pressure. What's worse, says a new study, is that the drugs don't totally reverse the damaging effects of high blood pressure on the vascular rhythms that help circulation.

That means that taking the drugs do one thing - they lower your pressure. But they don't make you that much healthier. And this is particularly troublesome for women. Here's why.

In this study, the researchers compared a group of 20 year olds to two older groups, which averaged about 70 years old. The 20 year olds didn't have any history of high blood pressure. And neither did one of the groups of 70 year olds. But one group of 70 year olds did have high blood pressure - and they were taking medication for it.

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The researchers compared the function of the blood vessels for all three groups. They found that the group taking the blood pressure medication did see their arteries and larger vessels restored to normal function. But when the researchers looked at the smallest blood vessels in the body, they found differences between the two older groups. The difference was that the medications didn't restore the function of the smaller blood vessels. The medications also didn't "fully restore the coherence or the strength of coupling between oscillations in the heart rate, respiration, and vascular rhythms (vasomotion). These are thought to be important in the efficient and adaptive behavior of the cardiovascular system."

While this is troubling for both genders, it's especially concerning for women. You see, heart disease for men usually occurs in the large vessels. But women tend to have more disease in the small vessels. This could be because women usually develop heart disease about 10 years later than men on average. So the rate of plaque buildup is slower. However, men and women develop plaque differently. Men tend to have their plaque clump, while women have plaque develop more evenly through the vascular system. This could be why their smaller vessels are affected more.

It's possible the blood pressure medications are unable to restore function in these areas because of the difference in plaque development. But this study didn't differentiate between men and women. So it could be the medications simply can't help smaller vessels in either sex. Because women are more susceptible to small vessel disease, this study calls into question the ability of blood pressure medications to prevent heart attacks in women. Considering other studies that show the medications don't prevent heart attacks in mild hypertensive cases, the list of people who won't benefit from the medications is growing.

All of this means it's vital you treat the real cause of the high blood pressure, not just force it lower. If plaque is the cause, then using a supplement with nattokinase in it, such as Circutol, will help dissolve the plaque, allowing the vessels to return to normal function. If plaque is not the cause of your high blood pressure, then the nutrients in Advanced Blood Pressure Formula can help lower your hypertension and restore vessel function. One study back in 2014 found that hibiscus, one of the main ingredients in Advanced Blood Pressure Formula, does indeed improve endothethial function in humans. This is a much safer and more natural way to lower your blood pressure than forcing it lower with medications.

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