Zinc Acetate Shortens Duration of Common Cold Even When Allergies Are Present

If you’ve ever had a cold and taken zinc, you might have been disappointed in how well it works. And if you have allergies as well as a cold, you may think zinc won’t help you fight off a cold while you’re dealing with the allergy symptoms at the same time. But new research should give you hope.

This new research looked at how well zinc acetate works on the common cold. The researchers knew what I’ve told you in the past - zinc acetate is the only form of zinc that actually fights the common cold effectively. When zinc doesn’t work, it’s usually because you’re taking the wrong form.

While these researchers wanted to confirm zinc acetate’s effectiveness, they wanted to see how well it worked on people with allergies. Sometimes allergies can make a cold seem like it just goes on and on and on.

So the researchers looked at three studies involving 199 people (mostly women) who had a cold. One-third of these patients had allergies. Each of these patients took zinc acetate until their cold symptoms disappeared.

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The researchers used both one-stage and two-stage meta-analysis. That means they looked at the results of all the studies simultaneously (one-stage). Then they looked at all the data from each individual study and combined them into a traditional meta-analysis model. In other words, they looked at the studies from every available statistical angle.

The results, though, were almost identical. In the one-stage analysis, the zinc acetate shortened the patients' colds by 2.73 days. And the two-stage meta-analysis resulted in a cold shortened by 2.94 days. What's more, it didn't matter if the participants had allergies or smoked. It also didn't matter how bad the cold was at the start of the study.

The researchers said, "Since the effects of zinc acetate lozenges were consistent between the compared subgroups, the overall estimates for effect seemed applicable over a wide range of common cold patients." In other words, it doesn't matter who you are or what other issues you have, zinc acetate will help shorten the duration of your cold.

Unfortunately, you can't find zinc acetate at most pharmacies. It's hard to find - unless you're reading this newsletter. That's because the only source of zinc acetate I know of is Advanced Bionutritionals. Their Advanced Zinc Lozenges contain zinc acetate and are a highly effective cold fighter. Simply dissolve one lozenge in your mouth for 20-30 minutes. Don't chew it. You can take up to six per day.

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