Toxins Increase After Losing Weight

You'd think that losing weight can only help you get healthier. But that's not always the case. In fact, when you lose weight, you may have unknowingly made your health much worse. First, it can cause you to lose muscle, which I've talked about before. Second, it can cause high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes - the very illnesses you were trying to avoid when you lost the weight. How is this possible?

The reason is because losing weight can create a toxic situation. This toxicity is something called persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

POPs are toxic substances in our environment and foods. Because they break down slowly, they accumulate in our tissues - particularly in our fat tissues. Then, when we lose weight, the fat breaks down and it frees POPs to travel through the bloodstream. Suddenly, they're in a position to move into our organs, including our brain and heart.

So how can you lose weight and make sure these toxins don't affect your organs? Obviously, the answer is to detox while you lose weight. We often have patients detox right after they lose the weight.

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What's interesting about POPs is that they can accumulate in your body and wreak havoc over long periods of time. Say, for instance, you lose weight several times over 10 years, what's the toxic impact this creates. Well, researchers from South Korea looked into this several years ago. They looked at the blood concentration of seven different POPs in 1,099 Americans. They found the most POPs in the people who lost the most weight over 10 years.

Levels were lower in people who had not lost weight or who had gained weight. This is likely due to the toxins hiding in the fat tissues of these participants. Toxins are much harder to measure when they're in your fat tissues.

This study's researchers didn't have any solutions to offer, but I do. You can remove POPs from your bloodstream with PectaSol Detox Formula. PectaSol contains modified citrus pectin and alginate (from kelp), which bind to heavy metals and POPs in the blood. Then it helps eliminate these toxins through your urine.

Modified citrus pectin is a special form of citrus pectin that has been modified to a smaller-sized molecule. This allows it to soak up toxins and heavy metals like a sponge. What I really like about it is that it's very gentle on your system. Some detox systems are very harsh and remove good minerals along with the bad. But PectaSol is proven to be gentle on your system. In fact, not a single person in any of the human trials conducted on this product reported any side effects.

So if you have a New Year's resolution to lose weight - go for it. Once you've accomplished your goal (or even as you're losing the weight), begin taking PectaSol to make sure you eliminate those nasty - and dangerous - toxins.

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