Pomegranate Extract Protects Against UV Damage

It's the middle of winter and you're probably not going out in the sun too much. So why would I tell you about a great way to protect your skin against sunburn now? Two reasons: One, you might take the cold temperatures and snow as a reason to race south to the beaches (can't blame you there). And two, because starting to take the right nutrients now can help protect your skin against the sun this summer.

As you may know, God created people to be outside with skin exposed. Remember, Adam and Eve were naked under the same sun we live with every day. And God said it was good. So we shouldn't be afraid of the sun. Instead, we need to prepare our bodies to handle it well.

So how can you do that? It starts with taking the right nutrients. A study out of Texas A&M way back in 2008 found a way to protect your skin without sunscreen. The researchers discovered that pomegranate extract can significantly reduce UV-induced chemical damage to human skin cells. They also found that the cells had higher antioxidant capacity. This helps to ward off UV damage.

That study was 10 years ago. But it's not the only one to make this discovery. Another study found that pomegranate extract can protect human skin fibroblast cells from death following UV exposure. Fibroblasts are critical for wound healing and protecting your skin.

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And still another study found that when you use pomegranate extract in conjunction with sunscreen, it increases the SPF by 20%. Sunscreen isn't great for your skin, so skip the sunscreen unless you're going to be in the sun for hours. It's far better to manage your time in the sun so you don't get burned and take the pomegranate extract to protect your skin!

The more nutrients you have in your body and moving into your skin cells, the harder it is to damage your skin tissue. And when you do manage to damage it, those same nutrients can help it heal faster.

Your body needs UV light. But it can damage your skin if you're not careful. If you plan to be in the sun for prolonged or repeated exposure, consider using a pomegranate skin preparation. You can find great skin care products, many of which contain pomegranate extract, at Système 41.

I also suggest getting pomegranate extract in your diet. Eating pomegranates is tasty and fun. But you can get even better protection by flooding your body with nutrients from Advanced Greens Formula, which contains pomegranate extract and many other powerful nutrients that can help protect your skin from the inside out. Increasing your nutrient intake now will help ensure you have the protection you need once the warmth of summer returns.

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J Agric Food Chem, 2008; 56(18): 8434-41.

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