New Nutrient Provides Powerful Pain Relief

March 2, 2018

While working in our local substance abuse program, nearly 80% of the people we treated were there because of an addiction to pain pills. Most of these were normal people who had severe pain, usually from an injury or a surgery. They weren't the stereotypical drug users. Because of the rampant use of opiates for treating pain, anyone can become a drug addict these days. That's the bad news.

Until now, alternative medicine hasn't had any natural substance it could offer in pill form to treat pain, other than white willow bark. This natural form of aspirin can help with simple joint pain and other pain issues. But it's just not strong enough to deal with chronic pain or neuropathy as well as we'd like. There are doctor administered treatments, such as ozone, that can make a huge difference. But access to these treatments is limited. Wouldn't it be great if there was a powerful, non-addictive natural treatment that could effectively treat chronic pain?

Well, there are actually two treatments that can work wonders. One is CBD, which I'll discuss in the future. It's still wrapped up in legal issues, so it's not my treatment of choice for everyone. That distinction goes to another nutrient that you've probably never heard of before today. And it's a nutrient that I'm really excited about because of its powerful ability to treat pain.

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The nutrient is PEA. Not pea, like the food you get from a pod. But palmitoylethanolamide. You can see why it's shortened to PEA. Well, PEA is the newest super-nutrient on the block. This nutrient has a significant amount of science behind it. And the science shows what patients are experiencing - it's incredibly effective.

One study, in fact, shows just how effective this nutrient is. This was a review study, which looked at 12 different studies on PEA. The researchers found that "PEA elicits a progressive reduction of pain intensity significantly higher than control." The review found that the patients usually experienced the results within two weeks. And they had a significant reduction in pain within 60 days. The patients were men and women of various ages and various types of chronic pain. They all saw an improvement.

There's a lot more to this nutrient than I can cover today. But I'll have a lot more in the coming months. It's a nutrient you need to know about if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain.

You can find various doses of PEA on the market. Most of the studies use at least 300 mg daily. But some use up to 1,200 mg daily. The product I like is called PEA-Min because it has a dose of 600 mg in a daily serving, and it's combined with curcumin, a known anti-inflammatory. Since you're a subscriber to Nutrient Insider, you can get 15% off if you use the discount code PEA15 when you checkout. You can order PEA-Min by following this link.

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