Retraining the Immune System Might Solve Food Allergies

March 30, 2018

Scott was on the verge of developing Crohn's disease. He suffered from frequent, recurring diarrhea, rectal bleeding, severe abdominal pain and cramping, fatigue, and a feeling of low energy. His blood tests and muscle testing revealed he had a significant food allergy to salmon, chicken, and several other foods. The problem was - he loved these foods. 

Today, Scott is completely free of any of these symptoms. Just as exciting, he can eat all these foods again. Many in conventional medicine thought it wasn't possible. But he did it. Now, conventional medicine is catching up. 

In a recent study, researchers found out that you really can retrain your immune system so it doesn't attack when you eat certain foods. The researchers were surprised by their findings. They thought it would be quite difficult to reverse food allergies. But the treatment they used was very encouraging, "because it's a fairly simple way to reprogram the immune system," they said. 

In their experiment, the researchers took mice with a peanut-allergy and injected antigen- and cytokine-loaded nanoparticles into their skin. The nanoparticles would move into the lymph nodes and dissolve. From there, the lymph nodes sent the nanoparticles to the source of the immune response, where they prevented the acute allergic response called anaphylaxis. This is what can be deadly for people with peanut allergies. What's more, the treatment worked with future exposure to peanuts, essentially curing the allergy. 

The fact that this worked with peanut allergies is very exciting. Peanut allergies have been one of the hardest food allergies to reverse. 

In recent years, researchers have found that you can desensitize people to their allergic foods simply by giving them a series of measured exposures that are gradually increased over time. However, this can be risky and time-consuming. But this new approach isn't risky and can reverse food allergies very quickly.

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Since the lymph nodes establish immune responses, delivering the nanoparticles through the lymph nodes helped the researchers re-educate the immune system. Theoretically, they can use the same approach for other allergens, such as dust and pollen. 

But that's not all. Here's where conventional medicine is starting to catch up with what I've been telling you for years. The researchers started with "the observation that allergic reactions basically result from an imbalance of key messages between cells, called cytokines." Then they injected nanoparticles into the lymph nodes of mice to "restore order" to the cell communication. If you want to read the science behind their research, you can read the article by following the link in the reference section below. 

But you don't need to know their technique in full to find similar results with most food allergies. I've told you in the past that almost all food allergies are easy to resolve by resolving mineral deficiencies. Minerals help with the communication that takes place between the cells (cell signaling). These are the "key messages between cells" the researchers were discussing. 

When you don't have enough of these minerals, certain foods can disrupt the communication between the cells. The immune system sees the food as a threat and attacks. But if you restore the mineral balance, communication resumes, and life returns to normal. 

The one exception to this has been peanuts. The disruption caused by peanuts is different, so this new research is exciting. (There is another way to stop peanut allergies, but it has to be dealt with at the source, not the individual. I'll have more on this in a future issue of Nutrient Insider.) Unfortunately, this technology isn't available yet. Many peanut allergy sufferers could use this today. So hopefully it will be available soon. 

But if you suffer from food allergies, that don't cause anaphylaxis, minerals can help resolve the problem. 

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