Beetroot Juice Supplements Help Heart Failure Patients

April 6, 2018

We all know that exercise is vital for living a long, fruitful life. But people with heart failure often can't get the exercise they need. Their condition makes it harder to breathe during exercise - and harder to recover as well. Fortunately, new research has found a simple way to help heart failure patients get the exercise they need to live a long, quality life.

In this study, the researchers examined the impact of beetroot juice supplements on the exercise capacity of eight heart failure patients. Each of these patients had a reduced ejection fraction. That means their heart muscle wouldn't contract effectively and, therefore, the patients can't get enough oxygen-rich blood throughout their body. They also experience labored breathing, have diminished peak oxygen uptake, and use more energy while exercising than most people experience.

When the researchers gave the participants a beetroot juice supplement, they found that the patients had significant increases in the duration of exercise, their peak power, and peak oxygen uptake while exercising.

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While the participants in this study didn't experience any changes in their breathing responses, other studies have seen significant improvements in breathing when using beetroot juice supplements. It's possible the heart failure slows this response. So taking the supplements for a longer period of time might be required to see these improvements.

The researchers didn't see any negative side effects in any of the participants. This led the researchers to conclude that "dietary supplementation may be a valuable addition to treatment for exercise intolerance among heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction."

I agree. But I don't think beetroot juice supplements, such as SuperBeets, are just for people with heart failure. They're for anyone who wants to protect their heart and boost their exercise tolerance. Because of their safety, these supplements are great for people with chronic illnesses, such as COPD, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

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