New Tom Brady Book Challenges the Science of Exercise

May 11, 2018

Tom Brady and his trainer have really upset the apple cart. The New England Patriots quarterback is 40 years old and plans to play professional football until he's 45 - which is ancient for the NFL. Naturally, everyone wants to know how Brady has remained so healthy with such a brutal job. So he and his trainer recently released a book to explain how he's done it. Could his secret help you remain young and healthy longer?

The medical establishment will tell you no - this book is full of fiction. In fact, the book has come under significant scrutiny because Brady and his trainer dared to introduce a new concept to medicine. And the establishment can't stand it because there aren't any studies to back it up. All they have is Brady's astounding health - which they say is probably genetics combined with a good diet.

So what is Brady's secret and does it have any merit? His secret is a concept called "muscle pliability." According to Brady and his trainer (business partner Alex Guerrero), muscle pliability is different from flexibility. Pliability is "all about lengthening and softening the muscles." How do you achieve it? You have to go through "deep-force muscle work." Apparently, Guerrero does special pliability-enhancing massages to lengthen and soften the muscles. This requires Brady to "rhythmically contract and relax" each muscle.

Exercise scientists are really up in arms about this concept. Most of them have never heard of it. They also think softening your muscles is a no-no. One scientist said, "The last thing an athlete wants is a soft muscle," because muscles only go soft when they're underused.

However, there's a big difference between a well-trained soft muscle and an underused muscle. Any athlete will tell you that hard muscles are easy to tear. Yes, they're strong and can do amazing things. But they pull and tear much easier than a flexible muscle. That's why they do all kinds of stretching exercises. And most seniors will tell you that their unused muscles aren't all that soft - they're stiff.

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The key, in Brady's system, is using the muscles, building them up, but keeping them flexible and soft. This is right on target! But it's more basic than muscles. Every system in your body benefits from use. Think about your cardiovascular system. Arteries and veins that are used regularly (via exertion) and given the right nutrients remain soft, supple, flexible, and healthy. Your circulation depends on it. Clots are less likely to happen, plaque is less likely to build up, and your entire body works better because of it.

So how do you remain young, strong, and healthy? You have to exercise. You have to work your muscles. But you also have to nurture them. Brady said in his book, "It really doesn't matter how much exercise you do, if you're not eating the right food and providing your body the right nutrients."

Providing your body with the right nutrients starts at the very core of your system - your digestion and your circulation. You can take all the nutrients you want. But if don't absorb those nutrients and deliver those nutrients effectively, then you're not going to thrive. I've covered digestion a good bit in these alerts. So you already know about probiotics, enzymes, minerals, and such.

But circulation is as vital for a healthy heart and healthy muscles as it is for a healthy liver, brain, and every other organ in your body. If you want healthy, pliable muscles, keep your circulation working. And the best way to do that is by keeping your nitric oxide levels up. Not only does nitric oxide help your circulation, but it also dilates your blood vessels so nutrients get to your muscles. It also helps your muscles relax, preventing that stiff, cramping feeling.

To get ample nitric oxide to your blood vessels and to your muscles, the best product available is CircO2. I've talked a lot about how CircO2 helps the circulatory system. But applying it to muscles is relatively new. It's an area that's extremely important for anti-aging, and one that can help (along with exercise and nutrition) keep your muscles pliable.

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