Two-Nutrient Combination Fights Prostate Cancer and Lowers Cholesterol

May 18, 2018

As you may know, selenium is a fabulous cancer preventive and detox mineral. But what if I told you there's a way to make selenium fight cancer even better? Well, one group of researchers found that not only is it possible, but the results are extraordinary. 

In this small study, researchers followed 37 patients who had prostate cancer. All of them had also suffered through a radical prostatectomy. The researchers divided the participants into two groups. The first group took a placebo. The second group took a combination of selenium (200 mcg) and milk thistle (570 mg).

Prior to chemical drugs taking over the medical field, doctors regularly used milk thistle, also known as silymarin, to protect the liver and even fight liver disease. There is a tremendous amount of literature on its ability to keep the liver healthy, which is why the researchers used it in this case.

To determine the combination's effectiveness, the researchers evaluated the participants' lipid-panels and the associated changes due to cancer. They also looked at their quality of life.

Frankly, this study is a bit skewed toward failure for these nutrients, simply because all of the participants had gone through radical prostatectomy. This operation removes the prostate gland and tissues surrounding it, including seminal vesicles and some nearby lymph nodes. While radical prostatectomy can cure prostate cancer in men whose cancer is limited to the prostate, it's rarely needed. Prostate cancer is usually slow growing (the men usually die of something else first), there are better ways to treat the cancer, and the side effects from the surgery can be life altering. Plus, there's no way to completely fix the impact of the surgery.

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However, in this case, the nutrients had a remarkable impact on the lives of these participants.

The participants started taking the supplements two to three months after surgery. They took them for a total of six months. Here's what the researchers found: The nutrient combination improved the quality of life score and decreased LDL and total cholesterol. Selenium levels in their blood also increased. 

Both of the markers for lipid metabolism (LDL and total cholesterol) affect prostate cancer progression in post-surgery men. So the fact that the nutrient combination lowered these two markers was pleasantly surprising to the researchers. And the improvement in quality of life is significant. I suspect the scores would have been even better had they taken these nutrients prior to surgery. 

This study proves that treating your liver and your prostate together can go a long way toward fighting prostate cancer. That's why I recommend taking both Advanced Prostate Formula and Advanced Liver Support. Together, these two supplements can protect you against prostate cancer. And avoiding the disease in the first place is the best way to live a long life. And if you have prostate cancer, the two formulas contain enough selenium (150 mcg total) and milk thistle (100 mg) to help prevent and fight prostate cancer. Plus they contain other nutrients to help keep your prostate and liver in tip-top shape. 

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