Mistletoe Extract Kills Tumors in Two Women

May 28, 2018

You need to meet two women. These remarkable women overcame aggressive cancers with just one nutrient. Most of the time, cancer patients shouldn't rely on one nutrient to beat cancer. But these two women were part of a study to see just how powerful this nutrient is. The results are amazing.

The first patient, we'll call her Jane, is a 75-year-old lady with relapsed Merkel cell cancer. This is a rare and aggressive neuro-endocrine skin cancer. It kills about 30% of those who contract it, which is a lot, but it does give some room for curing it (70% don't die). Knowing this, Jane took a bold step and refused radiotherapy. Instead, she chose to use a nutrient that most of us associate with Christmas and kissing. If that brings mistletoe to mind, you're right on track.

While we normally think of kissing that special someone under the mistletoe (Viscum album L.), this report might make you think a little differently about the herb. You see, as an extract it has antiproliferative, cytotoxic, and immunomodulatory properties. That means this extract can keep cancer from growing, it can kill it, and it can help your immune system battle the cancer. That's a pretty impressive list of abilities. But does it deliver?

The doctor treated Jane with a combination of intratumoural (inside the tumor), subcutaneous (under the skin) and regular intravenous treatments of mistletoe extract. The doctor gave her what most would consider very high doses of the extract (592 mgs per month) for just 9.8 months. The reason? He wanted to elicit febrile reactions (where they experience chills, aches, fever, etc.) according to how much she could tolerate and the tumor response.

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Amazingly, Jane experienced "durable disease responses" after her treatment with the mistletoe alone. A "durable disease response" is a long-lasting positive reaction to tumor therapy, usually lasting at least a year. Her 3 cm tumor was gone after four months and she continues to be in complete remission after three years. This is truly remarkable! Some would say this isn't possible. Or they might say her body dealt with the cancer. Certainly, that's possible. But let's meet the second woman in this story.

We'll call her Emma. She's a 50-year-old postmenopausal woman with asynchronous bilateral breast cancer (right breast: grade 1, hormone sensitive; left breast: grade 3, hormone insensitive and HER2-positive ductal carcinoma). She declined all conventional cancer treatment. Her doctor treated her with mistletoe alone for 2.6 years, again using high doses (averaging 290 mg per month).

Emma's response with the far more common breast cancer was outstanding. She had complete responses of both tumors after 31 months of intratumoural and subcutaneous mistletoe treatment. And she remains in remission after four years!

While these responses are absolutely stunning - and very exciting - I still don't recommend using one nutrient alone to treat cancer. There are other treatments that you can do along with mistletoe to experience a faster response with minor or no side effects. But if you do have cancer, talk to your doctor about adding this powerful herb to your treatment regimen. I'll have more on mistletoe in future issues.

Please note: This is not a treatment you can do at home. Be sure you work with your doctor to ensure proper administration of the herb.  

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