CBD Passes the Safety Tests

June 22, 2018

I admit it. I've been very slow to recommend CBD oil. Since you're way ahead of me on this one, you probably already know that CBD is cannabidiol, which is one of the active ingredients in marijuana. My reasons for waiting are important - and the reasons I've come around to it are many.

Let me start by telling you my reasons for being so slow. First, there's the fact that the federal government (including the DEA, FDA, NIDA, and the ATF) still considers CBD to be a schedule 1 controlled substance. That means they think it possesses "a high potential for abuse," "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States," and lacks "accepted safety … under medical supervision." I'll address these concerns in a moment.

Second, I've worked with a small substance abuse program in varying capacities, including serving as its chairman of the board and then executive director. And I've worked with addicts for nearly 15 years. So I've seen firsthand the damage marijuana does to people. The spiritual and physical damage it does to people is shocking.

Third, I'm from Colorado and have family in law enforcement in that state. I know what legalization of marijuana has done to the state. Crime hasn't gone away, as promised. It's changed. Organized crime cartels have moved in and are running the show. Homelessness has gone through the roof. And the effects of a stoned generation is going to negatively affect the state for a long time. Marijuana has done to Colorado what vodka did to Russia.

Fourth, I have concerns that legalizing CBD would encourage the growth of marijuana plants - increasing the number of plants on the market and making matters worse for millions of addicts.

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There are other reasons for delaying my support of CBD, but I think that's enough for you to understand my reluctance. But now I've come around to CBD. Let me explain why.

To start, you don't need marijuana to produce CBD. You can get it from hemp - and it's just as effective. So this allayed my concern for growing more marijuana plants to some degree. Some CBD will still come from these plants - and I do not support this.

Second, CBD does not contain any of the addictive properties of marijuana. The other component of marijuana, called THC, is what contains these properties. Even the director of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse admits that CBD is "not mind-altering" and that it "appears to be a safe drug with no addictive effects." So right there we can see that CBD shouldn't be considered a schedule 1 controlled substance.

The next complaint of the federal government is that it doesn't have any "currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States." This is blatantly false. Study after study has shown that CBD has many medical uses. What's more, it can treat these medical conditions usually without any side effects (at high doses there could issues with drug interactions and people who have smoked marijuana in their younger years might feel anxious taking hemp CBD). Overall, it's very safe and very effective. It should not be a schedule 1 controlled substance.

But you need to know that the federal government will be slow to change this rule. CBD is a big threat to the drug industry. So the government isn't going to make legalization easy. The American people will have to demand it. Still, you can use CBD in most states without fear of the government arresting you - particularly in states where they have laws protecting its use.

On Monday, I'll tell you more about CBD, including how to use it for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. Plus, I'll tell you how to find a reliable source. Many sources are less than ideal, which I'll explain in a future issue.

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