Beet Juice Enhances Muscle Strength in Just Two Hours

July 2, 2018

Do you struggle to stand up? Is it hard to get out of your favorite chair? If so, new research says you can increase your leg strength without doing any exercise.

In fact, this amazing juice works so well, the lead researcher says he compares its effects “to Popeye eating his spinach.”

Now that’s a big benefit. So what is this powerful juice? It’s beet juice. And Andrew R. Coggan, PhD, assistant professor of Radiology at the Washington University School of Medicine, believes beet juice is even better for your muscles than we ever imagined. He said, “The magnitude of this improvement is comparable to that seen in heart failure patients who have done two to three months of resistance training.”

That’s fantastic news for anyone who struggles with muscle strength. The improvement Dr. Coggan saw in his research means beat juice can help those who can’t or won’t exercise as they age.

What’s astounding about these results is how fast they occur - within just two hours!

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Here’s what happened. Dr. Coggan’s team had participants with heart failure drink beet juice. They had one group drink juice with naturally occurring nitrates. The second group drank beet juice with the nitrate content removed. Two hours after consuming the juice, those who consumed the nitrates-containing beverage had a 13% increase in power in muscles that extend the knee.

That’s the muscle group that helps you stand up. So you can see just how effective this drink could be for anyone who struggles to stand up. Another study confirmed the results of this study. It found that consuming a concentrated beet juice supplement will increase the muscle speed and power in healthy men and women. So it’s great for those who struggle with illness and for those who are healthy.

But the effect of beet juice isn’t gone after two hours. It continues to work. We’ve known for some time that beet juice can boost your stamina. One study found that those who drink beet juice prior to exercise are able to exercise for up to 16% longer.

So what’s the secret to beet juice’s miraculous improvements in your muscles? The researchers believe the benefit is related to nitrates turning into nitric oxide. We’ve talked about nitric oxide in the past. It helps every muscle in your body - including your heart - function even better. It helps your body utilize oxygen more effectively and helps your circulation. So it’s no wonder the beet juice can work so fast.

And if you hate exercise, beet juice has even more effects for you. It helps reduce the oxygen cost of low-intensity exercise and it enhances tolerance to high-intensity exercise. Anything that makes exercise easier gets an A+ in my book.

If you’re not taking a beet juice supplement, such as SuperBeets, you’re missing out on the advantages this juice can provide your muscles. It makes you stronger almost instantly. And helps you stay strong.

Your insider for better health,

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