These 2 Treatments Fix Erectile Dysfunction Better Than Anything Your Average Pharmacy Sells

Steve Kroening, ND
June 19, 2019


Walk into any CVS or Walgreens pharmacy with a prescription for erectile dysfunction, and it will likely be for Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. These drugs have been on the market for some time and have a fairly good track record of success. However, they don’t work for everyone. And they do have side effects.

What most doctors won’t tell you is that there are two treatments that work better than these medications. One of these treatments is a drug combination, but you won’t find it at your local pharmacy. And the other is a supplement combination that works in 92% of the men who use it.

The average pharmacy likes to keep things simple. One prescription gives you one drug. If you want to add a second drug to it, then you need a second prescription. This makes their business clean and easy, but it’s not always the best fix for the patient. Sometimes the drugs need to be measured out and combined to ensure consistency and potency for the safety of the patient. So to get a combination of two or more drugs, you typically need to go to a compounding pharmacy.

As the name indicates, a compounding pharmacy specializes in putting drugs together in one easy-to-use package. The great thing about a compounding pharmacy is that they can work with doctors to create a custom drug mixture that works best for the individual. They can adjust the dose of particular drugs and they can make sure each patient gets a personalized dose just for them.

Compounding pharmacies are especially good at mixing lotions, creams, and liquids, which an individual would have a hard time combining exactly on their own.

So if you have erectile dysfunction (ED), you’re not going to get a drug mixture from a standard pharmacy – unless the combination is standardized across the board. And you certainly won’t get a custom-made drug that was mixed right there in the pharmacy.

Compounding pharmacies are not new. In fact, in the early days of what we now know as conventional medicine, the compounding pharmacy was simply the local pharmacy. All pharmacies compounded medications – and some doctors did too. There were areas of the country that didn’t have a pharmacy, so the doctor would have to do it. My great aunt was a doctor in the early 1900s in an area of the West that wasn’t heavily populated. She didn’t have the luxury of having a pharmacy nearby, so she handled all of her own prescriptions.

Compounding pharmacies still play a vital role in medicine today. Even for conventional medications, there are reasons to have custom prescriptions. For instance, some patients can’t swallow a tablet. It doesn’t matter if it’s an FDA-approved drug or a supplement, they can’t swallow it. So a compounding pharmacy can make a liquid formulation that’s not commercially available. This mixture could save the person’s life. Or what if you’re allergic to an inactive ingredient (such as a dye or filler) in an FDA-approved drug? You’re not going to get this drug without that ingredient at the typical pharmacy. But a compounding pharmacy can prepare it without the ingredient.

Some people think compounding pharmacies aren’t safe. That was due to the 2013 outbreak of fungal meningitis. The outbreak caused more than 750 cases of the disease and it killed at least 64 people. They traced the outbreak back to the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts. After that, many people considered all compounding pharmacies as unsafe. However, these pharmacies have a remarkable safety record considering the millions of prescriptions they handle every year.

And one of those prescriptions is a remarkably effective treatment for ED. It’s called Trimix.

Why Trimix Works When Others Don’t

As you might figure by looking at the name, Trimix is a mixture of three different drugs: alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine. Alprostadil is a remarkably effective ED drug in its own right. A remarkable 87% of the men who use it are satisfied with the results. Compare that to Viagra and the other drugs. One study found: “A 50- or 100-milligram dose of Viagra appeared to be the most effective treatment. It performed about 50% better than a placebo. Smaller doses were less effective.”

So the best performing drug the average pharmacy can deliver is only about 50% effective. I’ve seen some estimates as high as 60% – still not nearly as good as the 87% of alprostadil. And, yes, you can get alprostadil at just about any pharmacy. So if you want to start there, it might be all you need. However, there are still some people who don’t respond to alprostadil by itself. That’s where Trimix comes to the rescue.

When you combine alprostadil with the other two drugs, the effectiveness rate goes up close to 100%. That’s because papaverine and phentolamine are well-known ED drugs as well – and all three work very well together. Papaverine causes the smooth muscles in the penis to relax, which allows better blood flow. And phentolamine is a vasodilator. So when you inject it into the penis, it causes blood vessels to dilate, thereby increasing blood flow and causing an erection.

Since Trimix is delivered via injection into the side of the penis, it usually works within five minutes (much faster than oral medications). It has much fewer side effects than the other drugs because you’re not using them systemically. Oral medications affect your entire body. While an injected drug doesn’t stay in one place, it doesn’t have a dramatic systemic effect, so they’re much safer. Some doctors worry about the risk of infections, but compared to other drugs side effects, the risk is very low.

There is a topical form of Trimix called Vitaros available in Europe. We’re still waiting for pharmacies here to start making it. So far, study results are showing positive results. This could be the best possible drug solution for ED, as it’s safe for men suffering from diabetes or heart problems to use, as well as those who have undergone a prostatectomy.

Why You Should Avoid Drugs Altogether

While Trimix is incredibly safe, it’s an injected drug and, therefore, can have some side effects. The injections can cause scarring. You can have an erection that lasts more than four hours, which can cause damage to the penis. And infection from the compounding or unsterile injections could occur, though it’s not likely. So it’s reasonable to consider non-medical ways to solve ED. Fortunately, there’s a natural combination that cures 92% of impotence cases.

If you’ve tried other natural treatments, such as horny goat weed, tribulus, maca, or yohimbe, and you haven’t seen the results you want, this could be your ticket.

As you may know, Viagra (and most other ED drugs) helps produce erections by slowing down the normal metabolism of nitric oxide (NO). I’ve told you about the incredible benefits of NO in the past. It’s very effective at dilating your blood vessels. This improves blood flow. And when it dilates the vascular cavities of the penis, it fills with blood and you achieve an erection.

However, you can get too much of a good thing. Most of us breakdown (metabolize) NO very effectively. So much so that we don’t have enough of it and need to take supplements to increase it. Viagra slows down this metabolism so your body doesn’t break it down. Using Viagra every now and then is fine. You shouldn’t have any problem with this, especially if your NO levels are on the low side.

But some people who use Viagra regularly have gone blind. That’s because too much NO can lead to the formation of peroxynitrite. This is a dangerous neuron-damaging free radical that can cause severe damage to your retina. If your body doesn’t break down the NO, then the excess can destroy critical tissue in your eyes.

I’ve never been a fan of drugs that force a normal body process to stop. They can serve a purpose in rare cases, but it’s better to avoid the need for the drug in the first place. I’d much rather see you increase your body’s ability to make NO and leave the metabolic breakdown process in place. That way you get all the benefits of NO – including erections – without any of the side effects. And there’s an easy way to do just that.

Natural Way to Reverse ED

Many people will tell you that the amino acid arginine can help produce NO in the body. This is true. However, arginine has limitations. One, it breaks down in the digestive tract, so it’s not as effective at making NO as it could be. And, two, studies show that arginine by itself doesn’t provide much help for erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, one researcher found a way to boost arginine’s ability to produce NO. In fact, Romil Stanislavov, PhD from the Medical University of Sofia was able to do so with amazing success.

Stanislavov’s team looked at men who suffered from ED. They were all between the ages of 25 and 45, so a fairly young group. The younger age allowed the team to find men who didn’t have any other aggravating diseases, such as diabetes. They started by giving the men an arginine compound equivalent to 1.7 gm L-arginine every day for one month. As other studies had found, they didn’t see much improvement in their ED.

After the first month was over, the team kept giving the men the same dose of arginine, but also added 40 mg of Pycnogenol, an extract of pine bark, to their daily regimen. The results were phenomenal! They skyrocketed to an 80% improvement. That means that 80% of the men were able to achieve adequate erections after adding the Pycnogenol. But it gets even better.

After the second month was over, the researchers increased the Pycnogenol dose to 120 mg per day. The men saw an astounding result. A whopping 92.5% of the men were able to achieve adequate erections. What’s more, they didn’t have any negative effects from the supplements. And they certainly didn’t go blind. In reality, their eyesight may have improved (though they didn’t study this effect), as Pycnogenol is known to aid the brain and the eyes.

Another study conducted by the same researchers used the patented form of this combination, called Prelox, and saw similar results. This study was a randomly allocated, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design with 50 patients who suffered from mild to moderate ED.

The researchers conducting this study treated the men for one month with a placebo or the Prelox, which contains a combination of L-arginine aspartate and Pycnogenol. Here’s what the study reported: “Intake of Pycnogenol for one month restored erectile function to normal. Intercourse frequency doubled. e-NOS in spermatozoa and testosterone levels in blood increased significantly. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure were lowered. No unwanted effects were reported. Prelox is a promising alternative to treat mild to moderate ED.”

You can buy Prelox on the internet. The reviews of the patented form are not as strong as I thought they would be given the success of the studies. It’s hard to tell how much Pycnogenol they’re using, as it’s all a proprietary formulation. But the lack of stellar reviews could be due to the Pycnogenol dose.

A Better Combination?

So I recommend buying the ingredients separately and taking them together. Of course, you might find even better results if you take Pycnogenol with CircO2, which is a much better way to produce NO in your body than arginine. Taking these two together could be a powerful ED fix that rivals Trimix in its effectiveness.

Taking these two supplements together will help more than ED. In fact, think of ED as your body’s check-engine light. If erections aren’t happening, other problems are going on. And taking these two supplements will improve many of those issues. For instance, they will improve blood pressure, lower cholesterol, boost brain function, and they could improve your eyesight. Plus you won’t have to swallow a pill or inject your penis right before you have sexual intercourse. That’s a win-win in my book.


Stanislavov, Romil, PhD. Medical University of Sofia, “Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Pycnogenol and L-Arginine,” Sex Marital Ther. 2003 May-June;29(3):207-13. 44952 (7/2006).

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