Why Your Body Begins to Slow Down With Age — And How to Put It Off as Long as Possible

Steve Kroening, ND
August 21, 2019


If you’ve noticed your lungs don’t work like they used to, you’re not alone. Many people suffer significant diminished lung function after the age of 60. But most begin to notice it after age 40. It’s one of the main reasons athletes struggle to perform at the same level as they approach middle age.

But you don’t have to suffer from weak lungs and low oxygen levels. There are some things you can do in the comfort of your own home that can supercharge your lungs and help you beat disease.

Believe it or not, your lung function actually begins to decline long before you notice any shortness of breath or heavier breathing after exercise. Some people notice it in the declining sharpness of their memory. Others notice it in their muscles and joints. They become stiff and tire faster. Their muscles also begin to lose strength. For some this is due to a lack of use. But athletes continue to use their muscles, but they still wear out. A lack of oxygen is one of the reasons. If your lungs don’t pump enough oxygen into your body, you don’t notice it first in your lungs. You notice it in other parts of your body.

While this is considered a normal part of aging, it is possible to slow the progression of lung degeneration. A new study out of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland found that anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid, can help keep lung function optimal for much longer.

Flavonoids, as you may know, are plant chemicals that have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Your body uses these chemicals in many ways to protect, repair, and build tissue. And your lungs appear to use them to reduce mucus and inflammatory secretions.

How Flavonoids Can Help

Unfortunately, the amount of research into flavonoids and lung function is pretty slim. So these researchers “wanted to investigate whether dietary intake and anthocyanins are associated with lung function decline in middle-age adults.”

So they analyzed data from 463 adults (average age: 44) who participated in the second and third European Community Respiratory Health Surveys from 2002 to 2012. These participants completed a dietary questionnaire and underwent spirometry when they first enrolled and after the study. Spirometry is a common lung function test. It evaluates the amount of air that a person can forcefully exhale in one second (FEV1), the total amount of air a person can exhale after taking a deep breath (FVC), and the ratio of the two (FEV1/FVC).

The researchers found that individuals in the highest, compared to the lowest, quartile of anthocyanin intake had a slower rate of decline in all three measurements. What’s more, if you’ve ever smoked, the flavonoids are even more important. The researchers found that among non-smokers and smokers who had quit, the flavonoids helped those who had quit smoking even more than the non-smokers. But they weren’t able to help those who still smoked.

So if you’re aging like the rest of us, protecting your lungs is one of the absolute best steps you can take in maintaining good health for longer. And the best way to do that is to eat plenty of fruits and veggies every day.

Help Your Lungs Supply Oxygen

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies is the best way to prevent degeneration in your lungs, but what should you do once your lungs do degenerate? It’s going to happen to most people at some point in their life. And eating the right foods just isn’t going to reverse the damage. Taking concentrated nutrients can help. But there’s so much more you can do.

Perhaps the most important step you can take in restoring oxygen to your body is an in-home treatment called multi-step therapy. This treatment goes by another name that gives you an idea of what it is. Exercise with oxygen therapy, or EWOT, is perhaps one of the most dynamic in-home treatments you can do. In fact, it may be the single most dramatic thing you can do in your own home to prevent disease and restore health.

As you may know, oxygen is vital for life. Every cell in your body needs oxygen – and lots of it. Cancer, on the other hand, hates oxygen. It thrives in a low oxygen environment. Unfortunately, as you age, the oxygen getting to your cells begins to decline. That’s because your lung function begins to decline.

That’s where EWOT comes in. Manfred von Ardenne, the German who discovered EWOT and wrote the first book on it (Multistep Oxygen Therapy, Physiological and Technical Foundations is available on Amazon for $93. This book reads like a textbook, but has tremendous information on this therapy), found that people in western societies tend to breathe very “shallow.” Today, that’s probably due to our sedentary lifestyles. As a result of this shallow breathing, we have lots of oxygen in our red blood cells. But we don’t have much oxygen in the blood plasma.

In spite of our tendency towards shallow breathing, we may still have lots of oxygen in our red blood cells. However, what develops over time is a situation where we have dramatically reduced oxygen in our “blood plasma”, the liquid portion of your blood.

Most doctors evaluate your blood oxygen content with a little device that goes over your finger. If your doctor uses this, you’ll think your oxygen levels are normal because it will likely tell you your blood-oxygen level is close to 100%. Sounds wonderful – but it’s not!

That little device is reading the oxygen level in your red blood cells. It’s not reading the plasma levels of oxygen. And, worse, it’s not reading the oxygen levels of your tissues.

The reason for this is simple. When you’re young, your lungs send oxygen through your body at a very high pressure. The lungs of most 30 year olds will produce a pressure of around 95 mm. However, the lungs of most 70 year olds will produce a pressure of only 70 mm.

The reason this is significant is because when your blood carries oxygen to the capillaries, the oxygen must dissolve in the waters of the body in order to reach the oxygen-thirsty cells beyond the capillary membrane. Unlike carbon dioxide, oxygen is much harder to dissolve in liquids and its solubility is heavily dependent on the pressure driving it. This is why you can have high oxygen content in your red blood cells, but not in your plasma and tissue cells. Your lungs aren’t producing enough pressure to dissolve all the oxygen in your plasma. As a result, the oxygen just doesn’t get into your tissue cells as effectively as it did when you were younger.

This transfer of oxygen from the blood to the cells is perhaps the most significant underlying factor in whether you live a healthy life or not! The more damaged the transfer mechanism becomes, the more likely you will become ill. This is why you are more susceptible to illness as you age!

Why EWOT Is So Important

The breakthrough with EWOT is that it actually raises the arterial oxygen pressure back to youthful levels. And what’s just as important is the effect is long lasting! That means the treatment is actually helping your lungs do their job better. So what exactly is EWOT?

Just as the name implies, it is simply exercising while you breathe in oxygen. Yes, it really is that simple.

The only string attached is that you have to breathe in high levels of oxygen in order to increase the arterial pressure (that’s not blood pressure – it’s the pressure of oxygen generated in your blood – EWOT will not increase your blood pressure – it may lower it). That means you need to use an oxygen concentrator that can produce oxygen at 8 liters per minute or higher. Your average oxygen concentrator just isn’t strong enough to have the desired results.

Once you have the right concentrator, and the right oxygen mask, EWOT is easy. All you have to do is exercise on a treadmill, elliptical, stair climber, or stationary bike while breathing in the oxygen.  A hose will connect the oxygen mask to the concentrator. That’s it! Turn the concentrator on and begin exercising.

The first thing you’ll experience is a burst of energy. But as you do the EWOT therapy, your body will begin to rejuvenate. And you can experience help with diseases such as emphysema (ongoing sessions are necessary since the transfer mechanism is severely compromised by loss of tissue in the lungs), high blood pressure (and other circulation issues), and eye problems, including cataracts (this is understandable, since the lens of the eye is known to be oxygen-deficient already).

Other illnesses that benefit from EWOT include senility, joint pain, liver and other internal organ issues, infections, radiation exposure, late effects of strokes, poisonings and burns, and stress.

What’s really incredible about EWOT is that you don’t have to exercise for long to see these benefits. Exercising for only 15 minutes at a decent pace is all you need to do. Again, it really is that easy.

The Only Source for EWOT Concentrators

As you can see, oxygen has a tremendous ability to heal. But you must have an oxygen concentrator that puts out at least 8 LPM in order to receive these benefits, plus the proper “On Demand” EWOT Mask. Longevity Resources has two traditional EWOT systems to choose from. Please note that they don’t use refurbished or used machinery. And they don’t use materials made in China. They use top-notch materials in all of their products. The “Platinum” package has a 12 liters per minute (LPM) oxygen concentrator ($1,945; which includes a special Nutrient Insider reader $50 discount, regular price $1,995) and the “Silver” package has an 8 LPM model ($1,600; includes a special Nutrient Insider $50 discount, regular price $1,650). Shipping is not included and will be added at the time of purchase.

Either model will work just fine for supplying the oxygen you need. If you search the Internet for similar packages, you won’t find any. These are very unique packages that work better than anything I’ve seen for EWOT. To order one of these units, simply call 1-877-543-3398 from the US or Canada (internationally use 011 250 654 0092), or email them using info@ozonegenerator.com, and tell them you’re a subscriber to Nutrient Insider. They will take great care of you. And EWOT will take great care of your body.

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