How our Special Forces stay strong — and so can you

May 28, 2012
Volume 3    |   Issue 40

It’s Memorial Day and we’re all spending time honoring those who have died in American wars. I have several family members who served in the military and have a great respect for the sacrifice they made for their country. Fortunately, none of them paid the ultimate sacrifice. But for those who did, we honor you today!

So what does the military have to do with your health? Well, I was looking at a study conducted on military personal. The researchers went to great lengths to evaluate the nutrient intake among those serving in the military. Then they compared them to the population as a whole.

Most of the data showed that the military takes supplements at about the same rate as most Americans. But there was one particular type of supplement that really stood out. Among the elite military groups, including our Special Forces and Army Rangers, the number of troops taking this supplement compared to the rest of the military and the population as a whole jumped up significantly.

That supplement is, not surprisingly, protein powder. Why would our elite troops take a protein powder at nearly twice the rate as the rest of the military personnel? As you may know, Special Forces and Army Rangers are some of the best trained members of the military. They are all in great shape, with toned and powerful muscles. These men know something about taking care of their muscles. And they depend on protein powder to stay strong.

Our elite military troops know something that the rest of us need to keep in While protein powder is vital for them to stay in top shape, protein powder might be even more important for us normal folk.

Multiple studies show that protein, particularly whey protein, slows down muscle loss as we age. But it does more than just help us keep the muscle. It also helps build muscle in those over 65. However, there’s something even more important. Another study of elderly adults showed that eating whey protein helped strengthen the big skeletal muscles. These muscles are vital for balance and mobility. They can protect you from falling. But they also help keep your bones strong. Research shows that strong muscles around your bones are more effective at keeping your bones strong than weaker muscles.

So if you’re not taking a whey protein powder, now’s the time to start. You can find whey protein at any health food store and many grocery stores. But the brand I recommend is Advanced Protein Powder. It uses a special whey you won’t find in most stores that’s even more effective at building muscles. You can read all about it by following this link.

I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family on this Memorial Day. And please take some time to remember those who have fallen serving our country.

Your insider for better health,

Steve Kroening

Steve Kroening is the editor of Nutrient Insider, a twice-a-week email newsletter that brings you the latest healing breakthroughs from the world of nutrition and dietary supplements. For over 20 years, Steve has worked hand-in-hand with some of the nation's top doctors, including Drs. Robert Rowen, Frank Shallenberger, Nan Fuchs, William Campbell Douglass, and best-selling author James Balch. Steve is the author of the book Practical Guide to Home Remedies. As a health journalist, Steve's articles have appeared in countless magazines, blogs, and websites.


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