These 2 Treatments Fix Erectile Dysfunction Better Than Anything Your Average Pharmacy Sells

Walk into any CVS or Walgreens pharmacy with a prescription for erectile dysfunction, and it will likely be for Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. These drugs have been on the market for some time and have a fairly good track record of success. However, they don’t work for everyone. And they do have side effects.

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Hot Spice Kills 80% of Prostate Cancer Cells

My Uncle Albert has suffered with prostate cancer for years. I say “suffered,” but he really doesn’t suffer much. There’s no pain and no real effects from the cancer. He has a very slow-growing tumor that likely will never interfere with his life. This is probably because of his favorite way to pass time.

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Powerhouse Nutrient Supercharges Your Immune System – Fights Cancer and Heart Disease

Last week, I showed you how a waste product from soybeans can dramatically increase your body’s ability to fight cancer. Many studies have shown that it can kill cancer cells in the prostate, breast, and the lungs.

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Could This Waste Product From Soy Stop the Damage From Poor Lifestyle Choices?

Every once in a while, we get to experience the discovery of a nutrient that completely revolutionizes the way we treat disease. Today, I’m going to tell you about one of these nutrients. This isn’t just a flash in the pan that seems to work well, but never really experiences its full potential. No, this nutrient has substantial research behind it. But the real question is what can it do for you today?

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Should Men Over 50 Lower Their Cholesterol Naturally?

If you’re a man over 50 years old, you may have noticed a few changes in your body. You might be getting up at night to go to the bathroom. Your doctor might be saying your cholesterol is too high. You might notice you’re tired and fatigued all the time. And you may have gained some weight.

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