3 Common Myths About Melatonin

If you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, you might be looking at your options for medical sleeping aids. The one I recommend and take is melatonin. It doesn’t have the problems (such as addiction and other side effects) that the drugs carry with them.

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These Popular Drugs Can Lead to a Broken Hip

I see it all the time. When people over 60 break a hip, they rarely recover the independence they had before the break. Many of them die due to infection. This is very common. Fortunately, modern medicine has made great strides in helping people survive and recover from a hip fracture. But the ability to remain independent is elusive for many of these folks. So it’s vital you avoid breaking your hip as you age.

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What If You Must Get a Flu Shot? And Other Alternatives to Flu Prevention….

More and more, businesses, schools, and medical facilities are requiring their employees and students to get a flu shot. While this sounds altruistic, there are several problems with these policies. First, the flu shot doesn’t always work. Second, the flu shots do have side effects. And third, these policies are based on flawed research. 

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Turn Back the Clock on Joint, Brain, and Skin Health

Wouldn’t it be great to experience joints that moved as well as they did when we were young? What if there was a way to help our brain function as well as it did when we were in our 20s? Or maybe we want to see our skin look as tight and flexible as it did 30 years ago. Think all of this is impossible?

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Say Goodbye to Prostate Disease Once and for All

Did you know that if you’re over the age of 60, you have a 60% probability of having some type of prostate problem? And by the time you make it to 80, that rockets to 80%. In America, a stunning 8.4 million men over 60 have prostate problems. And in Europe, prostate cancer rates have tripled since 1993.

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