Stop bone loss by eating this fruit!

Did you know that you can stop bone loss by eating a fruit every day? This fruit is more effective than eating dairy products and dark green vegetables.

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What to do when bees sting

Last week, I showed you several great ways to avoid getting stung by bees this spring and summer.

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Simple ways to avoid bee stings

The summer season is here – and so are the bees. But you can avoid getting stung while still enjoying the outdoors.

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Pickles, a superfood?

Pickles are not really known as the most nutritionally dense food. They contain virtually no protein, no fat, no fiber, and no carbs. They do have a little bit of vitamins A, C, and K, plus some magnesium and potassium. But the only nutrient they have in abundance is sodium, (from the salt).

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Why you’re not taking enough vitamin D

Many years ago, I was part of a group of doctors who trumpeted the need for taking vitamin D. At that time, no one was taking supplemental D. Most people got it from the sun and from their fortified milk.

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