A “Crazy” Way to Boost Your Immunity (proven in studies)

The other day I wrote that you can build up your immune system by playing in the dirt. And some people thought I was crazy.

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What to Do About Coronavirus if You’re Over 50

The media keeps saying that older folks like us are more likely to die of the coronavirus. While that’s statistically true, it’s very misleading.

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What Gray Hair, Hearing Problems, and Poor Digestion Have to Do With Heart Problems

Gray hair is just a sign of aging, right? Ditto with hearing problems. And those digestion issues, they’re just about food allergies and a poor diet, aren’t they? Well, maybe not.

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3 More Ways to Beat the Coronavirus

A 15-year-old boy in our area has the coronavirus. He goes to a local private school. As a result, that private school has closed for a couple of weeks. For that teen to get to his school, he had to drive within a mile of my house. Because of the community we live in, it’s likely that this teenager has exposed at least a few of the kids my children hang out with. Am I concerned?

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How to Maximize the Bone-Building Benefits of Beer

It’s no secret that Americans love their beer. The average adult in the U.S. drinks just over 26 gallons of beer each year. That’s about 6.3 billion gallons of beer we consume annually. And it’s a good thing – particularly for our bones.

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