Two Nutrients Everyone Should Take to Protect Their Liver

Imagine living in a war zone where you’re bombarded day after day with artillery shells and gun fire. If your defenses are solid, you might be able to withstand the onslaught. But at some point, the constant barrage is going to weaken even the most impenetrable stronghold.

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A Common Heart Condition Causes Sudden Death – Here’s How to Prevent It

You’ve probably heard of a sports star collapsing and dying. It’s always a shocking event.

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How Men Can Immediately Enhance Their Sexual Performance – No Pills, No Hormones, Lasting Effects

If your sex life isn’t what it used to be, you’ve probably tried all sorts of treatments, including pills and hormones to fix the problem. Most of these treatments will have some effect – at least for a time.

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Is Your Lip Balm Destroying Your Lips

Winter weather is rough on your lips. The cold, wind, and reflective sun is brutal on this sensitive skin. Then, when you go inside, the heated air dries them out even more.

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Is Memory Loss and Fatigue Due to Chronic Lung Problems?

Have you ever noticed that athletes struggle to perform at the same level as they approach middle age? There’s one simple reason. Their lung function begins to decline. Our lungs begin to decline in our mid-30s. But most of us don’t realize it. Our first realization of declining lung function usually comes in our 40s. And most people suffer significant diminished lung function after the age of 60.

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