Jury Finds Monsanto Is Guilty of “Malice” for Hiding Dangers of Roundup

Mark is a friend and wildlife biologist who has told me numerous times the herbicide Roundup is completely safe. Another friend, John, is a chemist who says Roundup is so safe he would almost swallow a spoonful of it. Of course, he has never done so. And now, we learn it’s a good thing.

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This Chinese Herb Cures Cancer – But You Can Make It Work Even Better

Several years ago, I told you about Harry S. from North Carolina. When he was 89 years old, he found out he had lung cancer. Harry decided at his age, he wasn’t about to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Instead, he decided to try an Asian herb to treat his cancer.

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Five Supplements For Reversing Muscle Loss As We Age

Most people suffer from some muscle atrophy as we age. But significant muscle loss can lead to falls and other major health issues. That’s why it’s vital we do as much as we can to stay strong as we age. So what can you do – other than just exercise?

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E-cigarettes May Lead to a Fatty Liver

Using e-cigarettes may lead to an accumulation of fat in the liver, a study of mice exposed to the devices suggests.

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Opioids Prevent Bone Fractures From Healing

Opioid use may not only increase the risk of bone fractures, but opioids may also impair healing. The authors of a new study also question their effectiveness in controlling pain.

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