How to Keep Beta Amyloid From Destroying Your Brain

Just as plaque in your arteries can damage your heart, plaque in your brain can destroy your memories and cause Alzheimer’s disease. This plaque, called beta amyloid, acts like a magnet in your brain. Once it begins to develop, it starts attracting all sorts of metals.

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Your Nutrient Deficiency Could Be Caused by One of These 10 Common Medications

Pharmaceutical drugs, when used correctly, save lives and help improve our quality of life. But pharmaceutical drugs also have side effects. This is common knowledge. And one thing few people realize is the degree to which they can rob you of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Important Steps to Take if Your Legs Hurt

The story in the news was shocking. It covered the risk of not walking in people who have peripheral artery disease. But walking with peripheral artery disease is a bit of a Catch-22. Walking is necessary for healthy legs – but walking causes painful leg cramps. Typically, this means that the patient will stop walking, for good.

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Are Allergies Causing Your Digestion and Memory Problems – And Making You Age Faster?

Did you know that allergies are directly related to aging? In fact, the older you get, the more likely you are to suffer from more and even worse allergies. And this produces a terrible cycle, as the allergies can make you look and feel older than your years. They may even play a role in digestive problems and Alzheimer’s.

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If You Like to Breathe – Or Want to Breathe Better – This Treatment Is for You

You may have heard the old adage that you are what you eat. While there’s a lot of truth to that saying, it would be more accurate to say “you are what you take in and remove.” You see, what goes into your body plays a major role on your health. And how well you get rid of the waste plays a big role in your health.

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