Woman escapes wheelchair — hikes the Himalayas

Imagine losing the use of your legs because of an illness that puts thousands of people in a wheelchair every year.

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How to Avoid Sudden Death From Blood Clots

I will never forget something that happened one afternoon about 12 years ago. A woman came to see me, and with tears in her eyes in a trembling voice said, “My son just died, and I need some help.”

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How a cold makes you age faster

Most of us get many colds during our lifetime and don’t think anything of it. But growing research is showing that every infection you catch – even a seemingly mild infection like a cold – causes you to age.

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He thought he had an infection (then the tremors started)

Here’s a riddle: What feels like an infection and has all the symptoms of an infection – but isn’t an infection?

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What the color of your tongue says about your health

Getting your hormones tested can be a hassle. You’ve got to get an order from your doctor. Then you’ve got to go to the lab and draw blood. Then you have to wait for your doctor to give you the results. https://ab.svassets.com/Images/Health-Alerts/tongue.jpg

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