Fighting Colds and Flu in the Depths of Winter

We’re getting a double dose of the flu this winter. First, it started with influenza B, now they’re saying influenza A is hitting us.

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Keto Not Working as Well as It Should? Here Are 3 Steps to Supercharge Your Keto Diet

Are you frustrated yet? Many Americans are. The New Year came around and their resolution was to lose weight. A lot of them decided to give the keto diet a try. You might be one of them.

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Is Memory Loss and Fatigue Due to Chronic Lung Problems?

Have you ever noticed that athletes struggle to perform at the same level as they approach middle age? There’s one simple reason. Their lung function begins to decline. Our lungs begin to decline in our mid-30s. But most of us don’t realize it. Our first realization of declining lung function usually comes in our 40s. And most people suffer significant diminished lung function after the age of 60.

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Stop the Cravings, Lose the Weight – These Weight Loss Secrets Really Work

Happy New Year! If you’re like most Americans, you woke up this morning with a major problem. You’re re-addicted to sugar and carbohydrates. And you’re ready to kick the addiction and lose the unwanted weight.

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Say Goodbye to Joint Pain With These Wise Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas! I hope you're enjoying a great day with your family celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It's truly a day worth celebrating! While you may not be thinking about your health today, I wanted to tell you about an ancient gift the Wise Men gave to Jesus that can help you beat joint pain.

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