Early warning sign of heart disease (just look at your feet)

You probably know that the best way to beat a disease is to catch it early. Problem: By the time you notice any heart disease symptoms, it’s already too late for early detection!

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Better than water for surviving a heat wave

The scorching heat wave that’s hitting most of the U.S. isn’t just uncomfortable. It’s deadly. And those over 65 are the most at risk.

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Craziest threat to your health as you age

Want to know one of the craziest threats to your health as you age? It’s earwax. I know, it sounds absurd. But it’s true!

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Never get bit by mosquitos again

Judy and I went to Israel several years ago. We went to visit the holy sites. We both found Israel to be a light in a troubled world – an amazing place where Christians, Jews, and Muslims get along peacefully.

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Herbal Ointment Gets Rid of Pain Like Magic

Did you know that most topical ointments for pain don’t actually treat pain? All they do is distract your brain. That’s how ointments like Bengay, Biofreeze, and Icy Hot work. They contain counterirritants, such as menthol or camphor, that warm or cool the skin.

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