How to improve your eyesight in just 2 minutes

Did you know that you can improve your eyesight in just 2 minutes by doing one simple thing?

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Hidden cause of memory loss (it’s not what you think)

I’ve told you in the past how important protein is for your muscles, heart, and bones.

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How to make your own vitamin C

My great aunt was an osteopath in the Wild West. She was a real-life medicine woman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And she left us some great DIY medical treasures.

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When intermittent fasting doesn’t work

You probably know that intermittent fasting is a great way to lose weight. It reduces your calorie intake. It helps your body rest. And it gives your digestive system time to heal. 

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Brain booster: Add this to coffee

Imagine drinking 3 cups of espresso and not feeling jittery or anxious. Your mind is clear. Your focus is razor sharp. And you feel wide awake but calm. 

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