Early warning sign of heart problems (just look at your tongue)

Getting your hormones tested can be a hassle. You’ve got to get an order from your doctor. Then you’ve got to go to the lab and draw blood. Then you have to wait for your doctor to give you the results.

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The only oil supplement that’s better than fish oil

Are you taking fish oil supplements? I hope so. Not long ago, I searched the United States Library of Medicine database and found 4,778 published articles on the benefits of fish oil supplementation.

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The type of bread that doesn’t make you fat

Do you love bread, but avoid eating it to stay slim? If so, I’ve got great news for you. There’s one bread you can eat in moderation and it won’t make you fat.

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Type of meat tenderizer that can make your steak deadly (here’s your best self-defense)

Here’s something you may not know about the steaks you buy at the store. Many of them are mechanically pounded to make them more tender. Sounds like a good thing, right? Well here’s the problem:

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Neck Wrinkles: 3 Hidden Culprits (#1 is Your Clothing)

You probably know some of the reasons that our necks sag and our chests wrinkle...Some of it is age. Some of it is UV exposure or smoking.

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