Are These Life-Giving Minerals Causing Diabetes and Alzheimer’s?

There’s no doubt that minerals are vital for good health. You need ample amounts of magnesium, selenium, and other minerals for your body to function correctly. But did you know some minerals – even healthy minerals – can cause health problems?

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Fight Deadly Skin Infections With This Australian Folk Remedy

In the last 20 years, hospital infections have increased nearly 40% in the U.S. Nearly 100,000 people die from these infections every year, which is more than those who die from breast cancer, prostate cancer, and skin cancer – combined!

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How to Stop Plaque From Forming in Your Heart and Brain – Even if It’s Already Started

Heart attacks and Alzheimer’s disease are two of the scariest health problems you can experience. But that’s not all they have in common. They are both characterized by a build-up of plaque. Once plaque begins to develop, it’s difficult to get rid of – especially in your brain.

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How to Treat Chronic Pain at Home and Avoid Liver Damage

If you suffer from joint or muscle pain, it’s very tempting to pull out some Tylenol to ease your pain. But there’s a major problem with doing so. Research has repeatedly shown that taking more than the highest approved daily dose of 4,000 mg a day is a fatal mistake.

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Can a $5 Over-the-Counter Medication for Dogs Cure Advanced-Stage Cancer?

Anytime the word “cure” comes up in medicine, it’s usually followed by the words “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” This is especially true when the source of the cure is something a little different or unique – or if the cure has something to do with cancer. And if you combine the unique cure with cancer, you really make people suspicious.

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