These 3 Powerful Nutrients Ease Anxiety and Reduce Stress

If you have a loved one who has Alzheimer’s, there’s new evidence that their anti-anxiety drug can make their dementia worse. In fact, the same science shows this drug could cause memory loss even if you don’t have Alzheimer’s.

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4 Vital Supplements for Beating GERD

Springtime is officially here. And along with it comes the fun of sun-soaked, beach-filled days and evenings spent by the grill gobbling up cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and assortment of homemade pies and treats. With such abundant deliciousness, it’s easy to – on occasion – overdo it.

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Do You Need This Tiny Mineral Instead of Hormone Replacement?

Bio-identical hormones have changed the health of millions in an amazing way. They have given people their lives back. They have even saved marriages. One patient at our clinic told us the hormones “gave me my wife back” after she had all but checked out of life. She was depressed, had zero energy, and didn’t want to do anything with her husband. She felt terrible until she started taking the hormones.

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This Common Cleaning Product Reversed One Man’s Arthritis in 3 Weeks

We live in an incredibly active culture, with just about everyone participating in some type of activity. Whether it’s sports, fitness, hiking, or just working, people are over-using their knees. Well, it seems like they’re over-using their knees.

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What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Thyroid Treatments

If you have any symptoms of an underperforming thyroid, the only way you’ll know if you need to treat it is to go ahead and treat it. If you respond well, it means your thyroid needed support. Unfortunately, it’s easy to give your thyroid the wrong treatment. Most doctors offer a synthetic thyroid treatment. This works just fine for some people. My father took one for years and never had a problem. His thyroid responded well to it. But it doesn't work for a lot of people. And some people can't tolerate it.

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