Hidden toxin causes arthritis

If you think X-rays are never wrong, think again. For many people suffering with chronic arthritis, they can be very wrong.

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Stressed? Drink this….

Stress causes heart attacks and strokes. Everyone knows it. But did you know that one single episode of high intensity stress can trigger a heart attack or stroke? It’s true. 

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Is your computer “toasting” your skin?

Do you use any of the following devices? • Laptop  • Space heater  • Heating pad or blanket

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Is this carb the perfect keto snack?

What if I were to tell you that there’s a carb that can help you lose weight? 

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The dangers of detoxing

Did you know some detox programs can be downright dangerous? Whether it’s a juice fast, a “spring detox,” or the latest fad cleanse, many cause more problems than they solve.

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