Say Goodbye to Prostate Disease Once and for All

Did you know that if you’re over the age of 60, you have a 60% probability of having some type of prostate problem? And by the time you make it to 80, that rockets to 80%. In America, a stunning 8.4 million men over 60 have prostate problems. And in Europe, prostate cancer rates have tripled since 1993.

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Why the Government Wants to Keep You Fat and Sick

Here’s a fact that most people today don’t consider: The medical industry doesn’t make any money if you’re healthy. It’s a simple fact. So simple that it seems obvious. Yet few people think about it. And its implications are wide reaching.

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It’s Cold Season – Don’t Let These Little Infections Make You Age Faster

Everyone knows that a weak immune system means you’re going to catch a cold more often. But did you know that all those little infections can make you age much faster? There’s a reason for this – and the good news is that you can avoid those nasty colds and age much slower with the right combination of nutrients.

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Common Heart Condition Causes Sudden Death – Here’s How to Prevent It

You’ve probably heard of a sports star collapsing and dying. It’s always a shocking event. I’ll never forget watching Hank Gathers crumble to floor during a college basketball game in 1990. It was a tragic end to a great ballplayer’s life. I also heard about a woman who went for a jog, came home, took a shower, collapsed, and died.

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3 Native American Folk Remedies Lower Blood Pressure, Fight Cancer and Allergies, and Stop Pain

I love folk medicine. My mom was  the daughter of an itinerant farm worker. So money was scarce as she grew up.  Her family relied heavily on natural means to treat illness. And she passed  much of that on to me.

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